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5 Reasons You Haven't Found Your Choice Of Partner Yet

There are millions of single men and women out there and yet you haven't found your choice of partner.

Why? It’s not because you aren’t handsome or beautiful. Or because you have a quirky laugh. Or because you might intimidate guys or ladies. Maybe, you think the universe is punishing you. Here's why you haven't met the right one;

1- You spend too much time with the wrong people.

You will never find the right person if you keep focusing on the wrong one. This tie to the wrong person will always block the right person from coming into your life. The problem most people in this situation are facing is that they lack the confidence they need to move on. This deficiency makes connecting with the right person a challenge.

2- You lack self love.

Loving yourself is one of the most important elements for creating a fulfilling relationship. When you love yourself you’re real and authentic, which is a magnet for an Ideal partner. However, when there's a lack of self love, you tend to act in ways that kill attraction and actively push perspective partners away. An example of this is not taking proper care of yourself.

3- You’re not approachable.

If you want to find the right person, you have to actually be approachable. Friendliness and openness is the key, apparently. Nobody wants to approach someone that frowns all the time. You have to lighten up your mood when searching for love.

4- You are not the right person for a lasting relationship.

It's also quiet possibly that you've not met your choice of partner because you are not the right person for a lasting relationship. Take an inventory of your good and bad qualities. Have a close friend give you an honest appraisal. Then work at increasing the good and decreasing your bad qualities or habits. Try to be the best person you can be.

5- You have unrealistic expectations.

I know every lady dreams of Prince charming and every guy dreams of his charming princess. You need to drop fixed expectations. That could be "my partner needs to look like this" or "I need to be married at this age" or "we need to move our relationship at this specific pace." Whenever you set these sorts of parameters around your love life, you're making things difficult for yourself.

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