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5 Things Men Find Unattractive In A Girl

Here are some things that most men find unappealing in women.

1. Never dissenting from him on any issue

When you continually agree with whatever he says, a guy feels more uninteresting with you. True, supporting everything a guy says makes him love you more, but after time, the same guy may grow bored with you and turn his attention to someone else who isn't dull. It's okay to disagree with some facts now and again.

2. Attempting to turn every conversation into a sex discussion

Most ladies believe that all guys enjoy sex and that they are constantly interested in talking about sex. If all you talk about is sex and sex-related topics, a guy may get disgusted with you. Men prefer girls who chat about their future rather than sex most of the time.

3. Inability to be vulnerable

Guys can be turned off by girls who don't laugh or who are really uptight because they want to be respected. It's okay to laugh at your own blunders on sometimes.

4. Making him believe that his interests are less important than yours.

Some girls make the major error of making their boy friend feel as though the things he enjoys aren't as appealing as their own. Guys despise it when girls make them feel bad about what makes them happy.

For example, if a guy mentions a blogging business, a girl will invariably answer with a catering business.

5. Excessive talking

People that talk excessively are generally disliked. Guys get completely uninterested in any girl who talks excessively, because she is incapable of preserving secrets. When a female speaks excessively, she risks spreading rumors and secrets. Most males quickly tire of girls who chatter excessively.

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