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See The Kind Of Reply A Guy Got After Asking What Is Wrong With This Wiring Connection

A particular young man by the Name Adrian Egonu posted on social media asking for people's opinion on what is faulty with the wiring connection below

From the photo above you can see that both the green and blue wires are both touching each other, quite a risk though because it is expected that both wires should be insulated from each other so as to avoid electric shocks.

Well, we all know that electric wiring must be subjected to safety conditions at every point in time whether it is to our own convenience or not.

Writing installations are supposed to be done in a way such that lives and properties are protected from electric shocks and fire hazards as the case may be.

However, anything below that standard should not be allowed because going below the standards would mean subjecting oneself to risk and other imminent dangers that might come with it.

Some persons have reacted to it and here is what they have to say

What do you think, Do you think it is safe or something bad will happen from it.

Drop your advice and don't forget to share to others to do so as well.

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Adrian Egonu


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