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5 Years After I Married Him, He Decided To Break The Trust I Had In Him By Doing This.(Fiction)

My name is Sophia, I am a graduate in Bsc. Business management from the prestigious university of ibadan.I come from a poor family and my parents have always shown their love and support towards me having a good career and better future.

I am a lady you can describe as tall, beautiful and dark skin complexion. A successful that owns her own business organization. Since my graduation from the university, I haven't being so lucky in having a good relationship. When I clock 28 year, my parents began to disturb me to get married and bear them their grandchildren.

Fortunately for me, I met this young and handsome man named Jack at the shopping mall. We kind of fell in love with each other. Our love is something I will describe as love at first sight.

Our relationship lasted for about 3 months and we get to know each other very well. Jack was a graduate of university of Lagos, but unfortunately for him, he couldn't get any Job.

I loved him and decided to introduced him to my parents, that this is the man I will want to spend the rest of my life with. my parents found Jack respectable and Honest, so they agreed to our union and gave their blessings.

After we got married, I introduce Jack into my business and teach him all that there is to know. Because i trust him, I took a lot of money from my business to start up a business for my husband inorder to secure a brighter future for our family.

It has been 5 years now since I and jack got married but haven't been blessed with any kids. We have gone to many fertility doctors to seek help, only for the results to accertain we are both okay to conceive a child.

2 days after the test, I noticed my husband easily gets provoke at anything I do, largely due to the fact I was unable to bear him a child. Due to the money I removed from my business to set up Jack's own, it has started going down quickly.

Meanwhile, jack business grows stronger and better by the day, so I ask him to give me money inorder to revive my business. Surprisingly to me, he refuse and say he can't spend his money on a barren woman.

I was so worried and blamed myself for being an infertile woman, despite medical reports accertain that I was okay.

1week later, Jack told me he will be traveling to his village to see his sick mom. I pray for her quick recovery and ask my husband to send my regards to her.

It has been 2 weeks now and no sign of my husband or any call from him. I also try reaching him on phone but it wasn't going through. I got so worried that I decided to go and see him in his village.

When I arrived at his village, I was dumbfounded when I heard that Jack actually came back home to get married to another woman who would bear him kids with his very much healthy mom in support of his decision.

I don't know what to do now, I gave Jack everything, my love, my trust, my money and he decided to betray me like this. I feel like giving up in life.

My business is already crumbling down. Please I need your urgent advise on what to do now. Thanks

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