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Husband and wife relationship

For Couples: 5 Things You Shouldn't Deny Your Wife

They say behind every successful man is a great woman. They forget to also mention that, behind every happy woman is an amazing man. The role that good men play is not just providing for the family but also making their wives glow, is not talked about enough.

Not taking any credit away from the woman, but some men, are also amazing caregivers. The bitter truth is that, not every woman would end up with an amazing care giver as a husband but then, those who are lucky enough to, blossom like Roses. The unique thing about these amazing sets of husbands, is that they know exactly what to do, and most importantly, what not to do. If you honestly wish to belong in this category of men, here's a list of 5 things that you shouldn't deny your wife.

1. Love

Some people regard money more than love, but it shouldn't be so because, a man might have all the money to give you as a lady, but if he doesn't love you, he will kick you out eventually.

Love should come first before any other thing. You should love your wife not just for who she is, but also for accepting you as her partner. If you show your wife the love that she needs, she will definitely regard you as the best man on earth.

2. Intimacy

Intimacy is all about mutual openness and sharing. The importance of its presence in commited relationships like marriages cannot be overemphasized.

Intimacy is quite vital in maintaining a healthy lasting relationship. Avoiding sexual intimacy with your partner may leave you isolated or in constant conflict with your wife. As humans we all tend to have urges that need to be satisfied every once in a while, and that includes you.

3. Money

Yes, it's true saying that human needs are insatiable. But frankly speaking ,women spend a whole lot more than men do. Women incure a lot of expenses. Even when they also earn, they still tend to have certain expectations of their husbands. Some of these expectations may include money to maintain their hair, buying shoes etc. Give her money as much as you can. Women love money.

4. Attention

Regardless of what you may have heard or believe, loving someone is actually a full-time job. It's called a job because you definitely have to give quality time and dedication to the relationship. You have to recognise that loving someone or being in a relationship with someone, entails maintaining the love, s_xual intimacy, gifts, dealings with inevitable differences ( every once in a while) and being a team player. It doesn't matter how busy you are. Paying attention to your wife is key. Listen to her rants, it's the deal you signed-up for.

5. Appreciation

Merely saying words of appreciation like "Thank you love" won't just make her feel loved, but also give her a sense of belonging. Great woman make a lot of sacrifices just to see their husbands succeed in life. The domestic chores she does is not meant for her alone. A helping hand won't be such a bad idea. Appreciation doesn't always have to be in cash, it can sometimes be in-kind (if you know what I mean).

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