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Sunday Lockdown Jokes, For All Family.

1. If I die for this lock down period, no need for autopsy, na garri kill me..........Never date a lady with a cracked screen phone, if she can break her own phone, my brother, what about your heart.

2. Nollywood sef ennnnh! 40 years later....And the family dog is still alive..........Some guys will be like ... You don't look like you can cook. Can you?. So a lady suppose to braid her hair with vegetables, or decorate her ears with tomato and pepper , just to have the look of "I can cook" right???

3. You have over 10 s*x partners and you still refers to your reproductive organs as private part.......NO! YOU ARE WRONG. ITS A UNIVERSAL CHARGER.

4. Fine girl! Fine girl, but your shoe size is 47, why? Are you a Goliath's wife?...... All these people saying they started with hi on social media and ended with marriage , please how did you write your hi? Was it a customized one?

5. If your church doesn't shares coke and meat pie for the first timers, don't invite me oo. Respect yourself, because I hate nonsense...... You have dated 10 guys and broke up with all of them, because they don't understand you. My sister, are you further maths?

6. Another 14days extension. Oya bros use this two weeks and stay in one place, so that your sperm will thick small..... Dear readers!!! Am single, You also you are single. Are you thinking what am thinking?

7. Just like woman, men also need to be loved, cared for and appreciate. This one no be joke o.. This period some girls are now realizing that having food stuffs is better than having iPhone 11...... You don't know anything, your president has added 2weeks. You will finally eat the apple at the back of your iPhone.

8. Me that is shy , on my wedding day, I will just ask my best man to kiss my wife for me. Who will be my best man... After this lock down, I'm selling my bed, I don't think I'll ever sleep again this year, because I have finished my sleeping bundles

9. Why is it that any time I go to church, there must be a child that will be staring at me as if he/she know all my sin... You jam me with breast and you are telling me sorry, sorry for what? Abeg jam me again jor, even continue jaming me.

10. 2020 is a year I can never forget in my life. A year I kept washing my hands without expecting food.... So Facebook will not let me like my like that I want to like, I'll like and they'll unlike my like....Is it their like that am liking

️11. I never knew, I'm so good looking until four women started dragging my hand today at D market. They said: Handsome boy, come and buy crayfish ......You can't be beautiful and know mathematics at the same time....Never

12. The way some female primary teacher used to cane us as at then, you would think that we were responsible for their fallen boob's.... I think Facebook should start giving us notification like ur wife just told Jacob she is not married.

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