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3 Prayer Points For Anyone Who Is Looking For Marital Breakthrough

There are some powerful prayer points for singles, whether men or women, who are still single to be able to achieve marital breakthroughs.

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Marriage is an institution that is ordained by God, according to the Bible, yet, there are still some men and women who are single and searching for life partners.

Accordingly, here are give prayer points for single women and men who are believing God for a marital breakthrough.

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1. "From the coven of my enemies, I call forth my marital destiny to come back to me, in the name of Jesus."

The aim of this prayer point is to spiritually reclaim your marital destiny from the possession of the enemy. Thus, if the reason for your being single is an act of the enemy you can pray the above prayer point.

2. "I come against every work of the enemy which is aimed towards frustrating me in my courtship, by the fire of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus name."

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The reason for this prayer point is that most single men and women have relationships that may be leading to marriage, however, such relationships fail along the way.

This could be due to the handiwork of the enemy, as a result, as a believer, it is advisable to counter the work of the enemy with the power of the Holy Ghost.

3. "Every evil barrier that is standing between me and my destiny ordained husband/wife, be broken in the mighty name of Jesus Christ."

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This prayer point is aimed at breaking barriers, whether physical or spiritual, that may be hindering you from your destiny-ordained husband or wife.

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