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5 Common Mistakes Of Men In A Relationship

When a relationship goes wrong, it’s usually because both parties are to blame. You may have read otherwise, but when one person does something wrong, it inspires bad behavior in the other person and vice versa. To all of the men out there, you can’t change people but you can fix the issues that you’re causing and hope that it motivates your partner to fix theirs too. Here are some of the biggest relationship mistakes most men make in a relationship.

1) Not addressing problems straightforwardly. Women have a reputation of being overdramatic with unusual mood swings. But usually, when I see women overreacting like this, I can also see it's because the man has ignored her. When your girlfriend or wife tells you that something is bothering her, pay attention and validate her feelings, even if you disagree or don't think it's important. If you ignore her or tell her that she's making a big deal out of nothing, she will make an even bigger deal out of it to force you to address the issue. No one likes being ignored. If something is important enough for her to bring it up, then it's important, whether you think it is or not.

2) Tuning her out and not sharing your feelings. Men aren't as good at communicating verbally. I'm still not positive the stereotype is true, but I know from personal experience that it can be. Even if you don't feel you can express yourself adequately, say something. Really try to tell her what you're feeling, because she can't read minds any more than you can. An insufficient approximation of how you're feeling gives her much more information than silence.

3) Allowing your attention to lapse. Men can get really focused on things like work, video games, and countless other hobbies. Women are not like this. Make an effort to pay attention to your wife or girlfriend at regular intervals of time. It's like having a fish. You feed it every day so that it doesn't die. Same with your relationship.

4) Lying. Both men and women make this mistake, but it's worth mentioning. Whatever you have done wrong can only be made worse by lying. Always be honest with her if you want her to trust you.

5) Disrespect. Many people say that women want love and men want respect. This may be true, but most people want both. Respect her talents and abilities, don't put her down, and don't act condescending. You are a team, and you should always be building each other up.

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