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6 Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Person

It is usually said that love is blind. This is why many people are in relationships where they are unhappy but can't leave because they consciously strive to overlook their partners' flaws. Many people get married and then claim that their partner's attitude toward them has changed. The irony is that their spouse may have been displaying red flags for a long time, but they were so enamored with one other that they failed to notice them. Here are some red flags to keep an eye out for.

1) Your values are different. You both appear to be attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole. The things you both value are on opposite ends of the spectrum. His or her dislikes are your likes, and your likes are his or her dislikes.

2) No intimacy in the relationship. You find it difficult to share personal information about yourself, your life, and your family with each other. They appear to be just interested in what you have to offer at the time.

3) Secretive. They are always hiding things from you. They keep you in the dark about their personal lives, past relationships, and even their careers. You might not even be aware of their source of income.

4) Lack of trust. You constantly get a bad feeling about him or her. You can't bring yourself to believe the majority of what they say.

5) Lack of peace of mind. In a relationship, this is a major red flag. You should retreat if you believe your partner is not in harmony with God's plan for your life and you are unable to achieve true peace with them.

6) You are always arguing or quarrelling. You find yourself constantly quarrelling and apologizing in your relationship because your ideals do not align. Things keep swinging back and forth, and you appear to be enduring rather than enjoying the relationship.

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