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3 Ways To Be Emotionally Available To Your Partner In A Relationship

In a relationship, it is very difficult to date an emotionally unavailable person. Emotional unavailability refers to a situation where your partner pays less attention to your emotional needs. Emotional unavailability if not properly handled would definitely lead the relationship into a break up.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than being with someone who doesn't really care about your feelings. Although, emotional unavailability can be caused by a lot of reasons including stress. If you ever find yourself being unavailable emotionally to your partner, follow this steps to make amends.

1) Make your partner's feelings and need a priority.

Try to prioritize your partner's feelings and draw closer to them in the process.

2) Avoid secrets

Having a secret life is one of the characters of emotionally unavailable people. These secrets could be an alternative for when the relationship collapse. In order to make amends, try being completely honest.

3) Make out time for your lover.

No matter how busy your schedule might be, always find time for your partner.

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