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Building On A Solid Marriage


" Beloved, it's quite unfortunate that today most marriages are centered on different things which are not solid enough to carry the home. Many Marriages are self-centered such that the Husband seeks after his own interests and the wife seeks after her own interest. 

Many men today are in Marriages just to raise up children for their self in order to continue their lineage here on earth. Some are their just because of pressures from colleagues and parents and they end up listening and obeying their friends and parents even in their matrimonial matters.

It's also quite disappointing that some women are in Marriages just for the wealth they have seen in a man. Therefore they center the survival of their Marriages on the wealth of the man. Once there is a bankruptcy or little fall in the family wealth, the Marriage would likely fall apart too.

Nevertheless, some Marriages might still survive long even when it's centred on the wrong motives, but the question remains how long can it stand?

Marriage failure doesn't really have an actual period where it's likely to fall apart ; and not all Marriages fall apart. But the issue remains that many Marriages are falling apart throughout the world today: and the likelihood of a Marriage failing depends on how long the thread holding the Marriage can survive. 

Marriage doesn't fail because the couples never loved themselves before getting married. It mostly fails because the piece Holding them together has grown weak and it's now falling apart. 

But the good news today is that their is an everlasting piece, a long lasting foundation which is able to carry the Marriage throughout its lifetime and if marriage goes beyond this world it can still keep it strong; I'm talking about the Word of God. 

Not just couples knowing the word of God, but two persons who obeys the word. If one obeys and the other disobeys the Marriage might still likely fail. But for the Marriage to stand it requires total obedience from both parties. 

You might be someone who doesn't believe in God, neither the word of God; then you'll surely doubt how this can be possible. Don't worry, cause this message is mainly for believers and those who wants their Marriage to never fail. 

So brethren, let's endeavour to centre our Marriage on obedience to the principles of Marriage laid out to us by the word of God. Marriage was first instituted by God , so he knows better on how to keep your marriage going; even better than most Marriage books and articles you've read. God says to the man, love your wife as Christ has loved the Church and also says to the woman Submit to your husband as the Church is subject to Christ in all things. Let this be the centre of your marriage and it will never fail.

Finally, before you debate about the word of God or disagree with the word of God being the foundation. You have to understand that those who can truly love their wives in all things are those who has first understood how Christ has loved the Church; and those who can submit themselves to their husband in all things must be those who have understood how the church is subject to Christ in all things. 

Hope you're blessed?✍️

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Solid Marriage


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