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The Secrets Behind Successful Marriages and Relationships

The utmost desire or aim of every relationship is to be successful. For a successful relationship and marriage to be attainable, some necessary conduct should be present. Such conduct constitutes the ingredients which every successful marriage and relationship possesses. The pertinent questions in this situation are: how are these behaviors acquired, and what are these behaviors?

In response to the first question, the acquisition of these behaviors occurs primarily or initially during the relationship's establishment.Moreover, such conduct will be affected by the intention (motive) behind why such a relationship was entered. If either of the two partners has an abstract intention or motive which is contradictory to the main purpose of entering into the relationship, the conduct of such a partner would be geared towards achieving their aim. Going back to a normal sense (reasonable relationship), the conduct is automatically acquired when you think this is the right person or this is the personality you are searching for. In this situation, the actions and behaviors designated would be geared towards improving, growing and developing such a relationship. These actions and behaviors displayed constitute conduct.

Nevertheless, this conduct is open to modifications which may be promotive or adverse. For a relationship and marriage to succeed, there must be improvement in their conduct to actualize their image relationship.

What are these conducts? These conducts are commonsensible behaviors and actions showing interest in the growth and development of the relationship. Love, appreciation, care, tolerance, support, understanding, compromise, and commitment are just a few of the behaviors.These behaviors and actions work simultaneously to produce a healthy relationship.

It is important to note that every relationship must pass through hard and challenging times, but it is the values, experiences, and commonalities shared that sustain it. Therefore, a relationship should have and also lay a good foundation to support and hold it during tough times. Through that, a successful relationship and marriage can be ascertained.

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