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A Good Raqi To Perform Ruqya

Who is a good Raqi?

1. A good raqi is the one who has the necessary skills to perform ruqya. He doesn't only know the Qur'an, but he knows exactly the verses and chapters that are recited for different types of situations. He also knows the different types of jinns and their characteristics.

2. A good raqi does not use magic. He relies on Qur'an and few prophetic medicines such as Habba, Musk and so on.

3. A good raqi doesn't ask you for huge amount of money. In fact some don't even charge, while some would say give whatever amount that suits you.

Signs of a fraudulent Raqi?

1. They recite chants or words that are not Quran.

2. They ask for sacrifice of an animal.

3. They don't remove jinn, they rather negotiate.

4. They keep asking for things, such as money, wealth, some even cars.

5. They tell you to pay money to send someone to Saudi Arabia to perform umra and pray for you.

6. They misbehave by touching your forehead, shoulder, beating, touching of lower abdomen, pretending to be working while busy touching your private areas.

7. They make or record videos of patients. Majority of those videos were acted. They are not real. People were paid to do it.


The moment you notice any of the above characteristics

, leave. Find someone better. And note that, fake Raqis are everywhere now, especially in Nigeria, UK, and Canada. So beware of them. Don't be deceived by the video they show you. Or some fake testimony from fake people. However, there are black Jinns whom will rather die than to leave the body of the victims. So in most cases, they die with the patient. Dua hardly affect them. Even if it does. Al-hamdulillah Ma shaa Allah Allahu Akbar.

May Allah keep guide us and protect from any devilish being.Aameen.

Content created and supplied by: kadaraallahu (via Opera News )

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