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Four Things You Should Never Say To A Man You Love

Healthy relationships should always be treasured and constantly pruned with intentional actions that signify you treasure your partner.

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Men of course love differently because they are wired in a different manner. 

There are certain things you should refrain from saying to a man you love and some of them are listed below.

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Mr A treat his partner: Making comparisons with someone else is not healthy for a relationship. It makes a man feel he is not good enough for you. If you eventually continue with you constant comparison he might begin to distance himself from you.

I wish I never met you: Arguments are bound to happen but when angry you should be careful of the kind of words you say to your man. Saying you wish you never met him might make him feel he is a burden to you.

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I am simply putting up with you: This kind of sentence should never be said to anybody. It makes the person feel he is being used till a better option appears. Even as a joke this is definitely not funny.

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Sorry, but: When apologizing make sure you are doing it right, there should be no buts, apologies properly and forget about the circumstances surrounding the apology.

Men are naturally wired with ego which they always love to be massaged. To keep your relationship, avoid saying the above stated things to your man.

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