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Husband and wife relationship

6 Ways You May Help Your Stressed Spouse and Make Him Feel Better

Feeling stressed is something you will experience in one way or the other. It is a part of our relationship in the sense that there are possible things that may lead to stress in the family, work, and in life. One can feel stressed if things are not working the way one planned or if one is stressed up in place of work.

It is therefore important for you to know how to help your partner when he/she is under stress. It will not be good that your husband will be stressed and you will be adding to his pains unknowingly by your actions.

Below are 6 ways you may help your stressed spouse and make him feel better.

1. Do not add to his stress. When your husband comes back home looking stress and worried. You should be able to detect that something is not right with him and then hold on with the complaints you may want to table before him. This way, you will not be adding to his stress and it will give you an avenue to show that you are observant and you will be in a better position to help him.

2. Give him comfort. The next thing you will need to do is to find a way to make him feel better. This may not be that simple because he may not tell you that he is passing through stress. You may have to keep asking him what the matter is so that you can be of help to him. If you want to comfort him and make him feel better. Call him sweet names as you used to call him, ask him why he is looking the way he looks and let him know that you don't like seeing him looking that way. Keep talking so that he will voice out what the challenge is.

3. Give him words of encouragement that things will work well. Tell him some reasons why he should not be feeling downcast. Let him know that things will work well. Tell him when there is life, there is hope and let him know that you are always with him. This will make him feel relax and better.

4. If he has something to say, listen to him. He may probably want to tell you the reasons behind his action, listen and give him advice. He is your husband, so feel free to go close to him and either lay your hands on him or hold his hands. It will help him see the sincerity in your eyes and can help him feel relax

5. Make efforts to make him take his mind off the thoughts. The next step is to try to take his mind off what he has been thinking that makes him feel down. You can choose to do something he likes doing. Speak on a different topic that is fun-related if you can. Watch a movie or step out together. All these and more can take his mind away from stress.

6. Plan with him and suggest a way out. Help him find a way out by planning with him and suggesting what you can do that will bring a change of situations. if you can solve the problems which he must have shared with you, he should have a relaxed mind and will always remain grateful that you are his wife.

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