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Bae And Boo: The 3C's Of Finding And Preserving Love

This piece will surely be worth your reading time.

A brief definition of Marriage: Marriage is a union of two imperfect people, two eternal forgivers, two people with a common vision. These two people are the Boo and the Bae. Myles Munroe put it this way,” Marriage is two imperfect people committing themselves to a perfect institution, by making perfect vows from imperfect lips before a perfect God.” In a nutshell, marriage is for imperfect people.

Before you enter any relationship, you must first identify what I call the 3C'S OF MARRIAGE. These are the major bedrocks of FINDING and preserving love.




Marriage won't be all about sex, and parties and wearing to match shoes... (even though, these things are very important) But these three C's are far more important. Are you in search of Love, or you want to preserve the Love you have found, or you are probably not sure of the state of things, Then the first thing you should pay attention to is your creed.

So are you looking for love? Love that will last? That will lead to marriage?. Christians should marry Christians, the light should not marry darkness. Do you want to get married? Go to where people who have the same values as you are.

On Creed:

Creed is your set of beliefs. Even God will not bless you above your belief systems. If it happens by chance, it will disappear by correction.

On companionship:

Marry your friend. Mary someone you can share everything with. No secrets, no hidden agenda. No fear, no worries. Marry someone who will not be ashamed of you, your past, or your future put together. Companionship will birth communication. Marry someone you can communicate with. Some Bae just wants to marry a rich Boo and nothing else. Pls, check if you people can reason together, abeg. Even if the Boo is a Pastor, your Mentor, Spiritual Father, or He can pray in tongues for 10 hours stretch, but you must answer this question: can you guys communicate effectively? Are you guys compatible? Not "Oga-madame kind of a relationship.

On career:

Ask yourself questions like... Which career am I currently building? What's the future going to be like for me? What's my purpose here on earth? Am I already taking the needed step to be better with God's plan for my life? Don't look for Love, until you have answered these 3 Cs to the best of your knowledge. if love happens by chance, it might disappear by correction.

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