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Opinion: 3 things you should never do for a man who has not paid your bride price

Dear single ladies, the desire to get married is only natural, but don't let it put you under pressure, thereby causing you to do things you should not be doing.

While you are in a relationship with a guy, there are certain things you should never do, untill he pays your bride price.

Read below:

1. Untill a man pays your bride price, please don't abandon your work just to be close to him. I've seen situations where a lady resigned from her work, because her boyfriend asked her to do so. Unfortunately, the boyfriend broke up their relationship and she became jobless for months. What if he finally does not marry you?

2. Untill a man pays your bride price, please don't give him access to your financial details. Most Internet frauds today are perpetuated through unreal Dating and relationship. Giving such person access to your financial details can be very risky.

3. Lastly, untill a man pays your bride price, please don't give him free access to your body. As a woman, you should have some dignity and integrity. If your man desperately wants you, he will pay your bride price without delay. What if he gets you pregnant and decides not to marry you or even deny being responsible?

Paying of Bride price makes your relationship more official. Through it, the families of both parties are now aware of your relationship, and must have given their consent.

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