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Husband and wife relationship

Dear Ladies, Here Are Some Things You Can Do That Could Make Your Husband Love You More.

These days, we get to see and hear about a lot of stories concerning married couples, who fell out of love for each other and decided to put an end to their relationship. This is now a very common thing happening around the world. Relationship is always sweet and lovely but then, sustaining the love after marriage is the challenge that most people face.

A lot of ladies are complaining these days, about how their husbands stop showering them with love and care after marriage, unlike during their dating stage. However, the truth remains that, most women are the major reasons why their husbands or partners start changing their attitude towards them.

There are some things that a lady should be doing very often which helps a lot to keep her husband happy and he'll never look in the direction of other women. So in this article, I'll be telling you ladies, some important things you can do that will surely make your husband fall head over heals in love with you, over and over again. See them below;

The Do's.

1. Cook delicious meals for him.

2. Respect him as the head of the family.

3. Call him sweet names.

4. Pray for him every morning and night.

5. Love his family and treat them well like you treat yours.

6. Always be neat and keep your home tidy and clean.

7. Kiss and touch him frequently.

8. Watch movies together with him occasionally.

9. Take good care of your children but don't neglect him in the process.

10. Buy him surprise gifts and presents very often.

11. Support him to pay some bills, don't allow him spend all the time.

12. Be his biggest fan and loudest supporter of his dreams.

13. Massage his neck, back, legs and other body parts when he says he's tired.

14. Bathe and feed him like a baby.

The Don'ts.

1. Don't ever insult him or say hurtful words during an argument.

2. Don't compare him to your ex.

3. Don't be a nagging wife.

4. Don't check his phone or be nosy.

5. Don't downgrade him in front of others.

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