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For Ladies: 9 Signs You Are Only a Side Chick

There are often recognizable signs that say that you are the side chick in a relationship. However, we refuse to believe them and continue to invest in a guy who is going to break our hearts eventually. But if you want to save yourself from the pain, look out for the below signs to confirm your suspicions and take stalk of the situation.

1. You don’t go on dates.

When you’re dating, you usually go on dates with your boyfriend. Maybe you see a movie, go to the mall, or amusement park. Point is, he’s taking you to spend some quality time with him. Movie and popcorn in his bed doesn’t count. If he doesn’t take you out of the house, there’s a reason why.

2. You guys only hang out in hotels or at your place.

Does he ask that you hang out in hotels far from where you stay or even prefer hanging out at your place? Whenever he visits, does he sleepover at your place? Do you hang out only during the week and after work? No weekend dates and even if there are, they are usually short and in secluded places. Watch out, it could be a sign that you are a side chic.

3. He doesn't indulge in any for or "Public Display of Affection"

I know that it’s not everybody that’s bold enough to show affection to their lover publicly, but there are different ways to do it without having to put yourself in a position where you have to feel embarrassed or shy. If your man can’t hold you in public, what about social media? Technology has made things easier than they ordinary would be. I think it’s deception for anyone to say they can’t show love to someone they genuinely care about on social media just because they’re ‘very private’ or introverted. If you’re with some guy, and he has never shown you love in public in any way, you should reconsider that relationship.

4. It’s usually the same day, same time. When he sees you.

it’s usually always the same time and same day. It’s like a routine. He has to keep it like this because he has his cheating down to an art. He has a specific excuse for that time block when he’s with you. That’s why you never see him outside of that specific time and day.

5. He’s overprotective with his phone.

No one would be so protective with their phones if they didn’t have something important or secretive about it. If he’s deleting his entire call log every day and has his photos encrypted, then there’s something to question. In addition, if he always walks away when texting or talking on the phone, that’s something to be suspicious of. 

6. He will never get personal with you.

A man always loves to win at whatever he does and if he loves a woman, he will always seek her opinion. She will be a part of some major decision making. When your man hardly discusses his plans with you, it’s a sign you are the other woman. When you are a side chic, you will never get to know the true nature of your man.

7. No emotional connection

So you think you’re dating that guy, yet, you can’t recall ever having a close heart to heart conversation with him. Every time you bring up a serious subject about the way you feel inside about anything, he stylishly brushes it aside. The reason isn’t because he’s ‘all fun’, it’s because he knows that talking about issues of the heart with you would only further complicate matters when he wants to move on from your affair.

8. He hardly uses words Of endearment on you

Imagine dating a man who rarely says “I love you”. He will hardly use words of endearment when he calls you. He could resort to sarcastic names like ” babe” or even “wifey”. He will also hardly call your name too. Whenever you try to call him by sweet names or even say I love you, he says thank you and never says it back to you.

9. No serious commitment

Very similar to have a friend with benefit, no string attached. When in a relationship with a side chick, the guy makes no serious commitment to you. Do not take all the lavish gifts or romantic gesture as a sign of commitment. A horny man can spend his life savings on the woman he wants to pin to the bed.

Final conclusion

How committed is your man to the relationship? Are you the one doing all the commitments? If he isn’t committed to you, it means he is already committed to someone else and you are just the side chick.

Content created and supplied by: RelationshipExpert10 (via Opera News )


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