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5 Ways To Make Your Man To Love You Alone

Men are goal-getters. When a man sets a goal before him, he pursues it until he has accomplished that goal, he won't rest. It takes more than love to keep a relationship. It is more of a commitment than it is of love. The truth is, there may come a point in the relationship where the two people involved may not feel like continuing, they would have grown tired of each other, at this point, it takes commitment to continue in that relationship. As a woman, how do you make your man keep his eyes on you alone? It is possible for a man to love just one woman in the midst of many. 

1. Add value to that relationship. When he knows the kind of value you are bringing into the relationship, he won't want to let you go. Everybody loves people who bring and add value. No man would want to lose a valuable woman. They know that losing you will cost them a lot, so they will love and protect you. Don't be a liability, be an asset and he won't let go of you nor look at another woman. 

2. Pursue purpose with him. What are the things he wants to achieve? What is his vision, what is he pursuing? Don't let him do it alone while you stand aside. Be a part of his dreams and aspirations. Be one of the people pushing him to be the best. Help him in the accomplishment of those visions. Stand by him. No man will leave such a woman for another.

3. Support and encourage him. Some women only come around when things are rosy, but when things are bad, they leave. No man would want to stay with such a woman. Be a source of encouragement to him. Support him in any way you can. Be a blessing to his life. Bring substance to the relationship. If you do this, he will think of nobody else but you because of the huge impact you are making in his life.

4. Respect him. This is very important to a man. When you respect your man, you are telling him how important he is to you and how much you value the relationship. Don't talk to him anyhow, or make him feel like he is not capable of being a man. Don't make him feel like he is not of worth to you. The secret to a man's heart is to respect him. His eyes will be on you alone.

5. Advise him. Give advice where necessary and let him see the reasons with you. Build yourself to the point that you will always have something to say whenever he seeks your advice. 

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