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Lady Finally Stands Up To Her Boyfriend After Years Of Domestic Abuse (Video)

Relationships are meant to grow stronger as time passes and it is only good that in this time the couple gets to love each other more and more, it's sometimes unfortunate to see that some people lose out on relationships, probably because they are treated badly by their partners.

I'm usually of the opinion that you avoid any relationship that doesn't more harm than good to you but love sometimes can make you see things differently.

As I was surfing the net, I came across a video of a guy and a girl, they are said to have been in a relationship for 5 years now and according to the source that posted the video, @instablog on Twitter, the girl has had been suffering domestic violence and abuse at the hands of her boyfriend.

Explaining this without the video won't give you the brightest idea of what I'm talking about, well, after enduring domestic abuse for a long time the lady has to stand up to her boyfriend, as a matter of fact, she stood up to him, confronted him, and even make a video of the whole incident.

Watch video here

This happened in Abraka, Delta state and it should act as an eye-opener to all of us, it is one thing to love and it is a whole different thing to endure domestic abuse and violence.

I hope they both resolve their issues and do what's best for themselves.

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