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You're A Wicked Soul If Your Friend Doesn't Know The Difference Between 'Am' And 'I'm -Joro

Instagram love doctor, Joro Olumofin has taken a heavy swipe at those people who allow their friends make grammatical errors without correcting them.

Joro, who believes that the improper use of the words "Am" and "I'm", which is a common problem for many people these days, can rob a person of their chance at getting a life partner.

He said that friends of people who make such grammatical errors should endeavour to correct them, instead of allowing them make the mistake and embarrass themselves in the process.

According to Joro, any person who doesn't correct their friend's grammar errors is a wicked soul. Well, that was quite harsh. See his post below.

Well, people should actually try to correct their friends if they find them making such embarrassing mistakes. No one would want a partner who cannot speak well.Grammatical blunders can be a real turn off, so if you can help someone speak better, please do so respectfully. But please, don't insult them in the process though. If you notice that your grammar needs polishing, also help yourself by getting a tutor or learning online.

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