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Guys, Six Questions She Might Ask If She Likes You

You have to note that not every lady or woman is vocal when it comes to confessing her feelings. But she may try to convey it through asking you some questions, with the hope that you will be able to get the message. There are plethora of questions a lady may ask you if she has feelings for you, which are listed below.

Number one, Asking about your relationship status. She will want to know if you're single, married, or not yet ready for a relationship, so she will know if she has a chance. Knowing your relationship status will be crucial to her, and whenever she sees you with any female, whether younger or older, she will ask you who the person is to you.

Number two, she may ask what kind of girls you like. When a woman has feelings for you, she may sometimes tend to ask you this question. She will want to know if there is any chance of her being in a relationship with you. Also, she will be very keen on knowing your ideal type of girl.

Number three, she will ask what qualities you find attractive in a girl. She would want to know which special or unique qualities or traits you like or fancy in a girl.

Number four, what do you like about her? This is one question a lady will ask you when she has feelings for you. She would want to know the exact thing that attracted you to her so that she could improve it.

Number five, she will ask you for more information about your family or parents. A lady who has feelings for you will want to know everything about you, which includes your family or parents. In fact, she might even want to meet them and also get close to them, just because she has feelings for you.

Number six, asking personal questions. A lady who has feelings for a guy will ask him some in-dept personal questions that most people will not. She would want to know him inside out. Learn about his boundaries, likes, and dislikes, thereby using all that to get closer to him.

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