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Why Can Men Date Younger Women, But Women Can't Date Younger Men? (OPINION)

Good evening people, there is this question that have been on my mind ever since. It is a question that requires an answer. 

Most societies kick against women dating younger men, while it doesn't see any thing bad in men dating younger women.

Why can men date younger women, but women can't date younger men. Is it a taboo for a woman to be older than her husband in our country?

Most parents would not allow their male children go for a girl who is older than them by even a year.

Is this not gender inequality coming to play. Women, isn't this infringement of the right of the girl child.

Men are the head quite alright but does age really matter when it comes to marriage. Whether the woman is older or younger does it affect the respect she accord her husband as the head.

What is your opinion, is it wrong for women to date younger men.

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