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How To Win Your Ex Lover Back

Sometimes in life when you feel the fight is over, the challenges you face in your relationship has been solved, the differences between you two eradicated and all the imperfections has been spotted and perfected then a little problem springs up firstly as a little altercation then turns into a real sticky situation, hurts you both and finally destroys your lovelife abruptly leaving you both in tears. You try endlessly to move on but you can't, you've tried every means to forget about your ex to no avail, life seems strange without your lover, you're left in confusion as no other person is like your lover but you don't know how to get him/her back. This article may be of help to you.

Firstly you have to make efforts to ascertain if your ex will want you back or will want to have anything to do with you again. You can achieve this by getting close to someone very close to your ex; bribe your way if possible lol. Just strive to find out if she detests you or wants you no matter how little. This will help you decide if the best step is to move on or continue.

Secondly you have to gain his/her attention once again, so you'll need to improve yourself and make yourself better than you were the last time you two met. Try and fix all the appalling behaviours that led to the split in the first place and ensure there will be no room for mistakes should you get your lover back. Improve your confidence levels, learn how to speak smartly, enhance your conversation skills, uplift your status and your life generally no matter how little.

Thirdly Try and find out recent events and happenings in her life so as to ascertain her state of mind and her openness to dialog. Talking to her at a wrong time/moment will just ruin what's left for you.

Fourthly Get ready for the next move.

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