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This Man Is A Graduate In Medicine But Makes Shoes Instead. Here Is His Successful Story

This man is a graduate in medicine but he makes shoes. Here is his successful story.

Hello everyone. This article tells the successful story of a man who is medical graduate but makes shoes instead.

His name is Dolapo and he attended the University of Lagos to study medicine. He graduated with a second class degree and was happy with himself.

However, when the time came to start looking for a job, he couldn't find one. He couldn't even find a job as either a pharmacist or chemist. This made his devastated and confused on what to do as he was getting old.

He then remembered that he once had an obsession with shoes. By obsession, I mean wanting to create and design shoes for others. One afternoon when he had nothing to do, he carried a pen and paper and started playing around with shoe drawings.

After drawing several designs, he looked at them and saw that they were all beautiful. It was then Dolapo knew what he had to do.

He was able to gather some amount of money to start up this business. The shoe designs he made just for fun, he turned them into reality and started advertising his product. He was able to make just 10 with the little money he gathered.

His family and friends, including his neighbors we're shown these shoes. It wasn't up to three days when he sold all the shoes out. People patronised him because the shoes were really nice, and he was friendly with them.

Dolapo was able to get back the money he spent on the shoes in three folds. He was really happy and decided to continue making shoes. His thought was to keep making shoes until he found a job.

After a year and half of making shoes, he was able to secure for himself a nice house and a small car. He didn't relent as he got himself a shop to sell his shoes.

Today, he owns four different boutiques where he has sales representatives selling his shoes for him. He moved to a bigger house and got himself a nicer car. He's also married and blessed with two kids.

Dolapo was able to achieve all these for himself by making shoes instead of waiting for a job that might never come. 

So guys, let's try to find one trade or the other to do if there's no job out there. Just like Dolapo who is medical graduate but make shoes instead, try doing something you love and you'll thank yourself in the future.

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