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Mixed Reactions As Man Says “Fear Any Lady That Can Start Generator”

We know it's rare to see a girl that can start a generator. Sincerely, those girls who can start a generator are rare and good. Even if a girl can start a generator, some of them would still pretend as if they can't start it.

The post was uploaded on Twitter and was later shared on Facebook with lots of reactions from girls. See the post below:

The guy with the name Tolu posted that every guy should fear girls that can start a generator.

According to the comments, some girls even commented that they go beyond starting a generator, they also fix it when necessary.

The post having about 4.5k likes, 845 comments, 39 shares, and still counting. See some of the comments below:

In my opinion, there's nothing bad for girls to start a generator. And nothing to fear, it's normal for girls to start a generator if she's living alone. When you see a girl that can start a generator, just know that she is not lazy.

What do you think about this? Why should you fear girls that can start a generator?

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