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12 Ways That Adult Movies And Contents Does Irreparable Damage To Your Life

No one in their right mind would purposely consume daily doses of arsenic. It is poison. When consumed, it eventually causes your heart to stop beating, and your brain to die. Adult-movies has a similar effect.

Although it doesn't make your heart stop beating, it will definitely make your heart stop having feelings. It causes a numbness in the brain. Adult-movies are poison.

Here's how they destroys futures:

1. it causes divorces

When adult-films takes over, marital love is stifled. If one partner doesn't stop watching those contents, there is a high possibility that the marriage will end in divorce. In testimony to the United States Senate, Dr. Jill Manning reported that - 56% of divorce cases involve one spouse having an obsessive interest in adult movie websites. There can be no room for two different lovers in a marriage. Many addicts choose to give up their spouses rather than give up those filt.

2. It is addictive

There is a reason why some experts have called adult-films "the drug of the new millennium." It has been suggested that intimate-contents is much more addictive and destructive than hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, functioning in the same way as a chemical drug - but with more power, since it deals with carnal thoughts and behaviors. It takes over a person's thoughts.

3. It ruins intimate relationships

Portrayals of adult-movies are fake. The subjects are actors. There is no love involved. Adult-movies creates a false image of intimacy. A spouse cannot achieve that false image, and marital intimacy becomes less fulfilling. These contents kills the beautiful tenderness of marital affection. It leaves victims lonely, unable to enjoy normal relationships with their spouses.

4. It negatively affects your brain

Research suggests that adult-films causes ADHD, social anxiety, depression, performance anxiety, and OCD. The result is that the brain undergoes physical changes, including a numbing pleasure response, which causes real intimacy to become unsatisfying. This change also creates hyper-reactivity to adult-movies, causing an insatiable appetite for it. Willpower is eroded. When this happens, the only thing that matters is watching more of those filt contents.

5. Makes men lose respect for women

Continuous viewing of adult-movies promotes the degradation of women. Those sexual-contents promotes the false idea that women are objects for the attainment of carnal pleasure.

6. It also causes women to lose respect for men

Unfortunately, more and more women are viewing adult-films, and it is equally tragic for them. Adult-movies relegates men into objects in more or less the same way that it relegates women into objects. It damages women's view of men by focusing only on carnal behavior, blinding women to the fact that good men are much more than that. The goodness of men will be seen less and less as women watch more of those contents.

7. Decreases the connection with your children

Research shows that watching adult-movies is linked to "devaluation of marriage and child rearing" and that children from homes where parents view these movies suffer "diminished parental time and attention." How can you have your thoughts and concerns on your children if you are addicted to adult-movies? When adult-films consumes your thoughts, it leaves no room for other meaningful relationships.

8. It destroys careers and leads to job loss

When your mind is so absorbed in adult-movies, you lose the ability to concentrate on your work. Although most companies prohibit the watching of adult-films at work, the continued use of these films outside of work will gradually take over your mind, leaving little room for the things that really matter - like making money to survive. According to the Family Research Council, when viewing adult-movies becomes an addiction, 40 percent of addicts lose their spouses, 58 percent suffer financial losses, and about one-third lose their jobs.

9. It involves you in the crime of abusing women and children

When you view adult-films, you contribute to the success of that segment and financially pave the way for its producers to go further and further into perversions involving child and adolescent abuse. You are probably among those who say they would never intimately abuse a child, and yet by viewing adult-movies, you are participating in the promotion of such behavior.

Mark B. Kastleman, author of "The Drug of the New Millennium," suggests that like any other drug users, adult-film users seek material that is increasingly extreme to achieve their satisfaction. And when those images are no longer enough, many begin to portray what they see in the adult-movies.

10. It dulls your spiritual senses

Your love for God and His holy word will be diminished. Anyone involved in adult-films usage knows that it is a violation of God's commandments. It is pure and simple internet adultery.

11. It is a terrible example to the children

Eventually, if children find out about their father/mother's adult-film use, it may be accidental. They may overhear a conversation or open websites, videos or magazines when you are not at home. They may see you viewing adult-films without you even realizing it. Sin can be hidden for a short time. When children see their parents watching adult-movies, they think it is okay to engage in such behavior. Then we will have another generation headed for heartbreak.

12. It causes shame and self-deprecation

You cannot feel good about yourself when you are doing something that you know is wrong. You have a conscience, and you will know you are doing something wrong when you see adult-films. That's when self-loathing comes in and self-esteem plummets.

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