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Meet Dean Schneider, The Man Who Loves And Plays With Wild Animals (Photos)

Wild animals are normally known to be dangerous and they can be found in the bush, forest, desert, mountain or ocean. Alot of people are afraid of wild animals but I don't think Dean Schneider is afraid of any wild animal.

His friendship and love for land animals has really become an internet sensation, most people are also very amazed with the way treats wild animals around him.

Dean Schneider began his professional career very early. He became a financial advisor in his early twenties. Perhaps it was luck or an instinct for economics, but Dean was able to start his own financial management company.

He has over 8 million followers on Instagram and this shows that most people like his relationship with wild animals.

His Relationship With Animals: It is important to know that Dean Schneider calls himself a member of a pride of six lions. He spend most of his time playing and making friends with animals and he also studies their behaviours.

Dean Schneider does not cage or treat his lions bad. He doesn't wear gloves or protective equipments whenever he is with his lion and this shows that he loves lions.

See Photos Of Him Playing With Wild Animals;

Note: Despite your critics and hate on Dean Schneider, he will always love wild animals. He has also thought alot of people that money is not everything in life, sometimes you need to appreciate nature and love other creatures on earth.

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