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Four things you should never tell your ex

When a relationship ends, especially if it was a tumultuous one, you generally have hundreds of things you want to say to your former. Perhaps it's a desire to express how much you miss them, or it could be something else. You must learn to zip your lips. The entire concept might be irritating, but trust me when I say it is the greatest. The following are some things you should never, ever tell your ex.

1. "Let us be friends." When you end a relationship, you should never expect them to return to your life. If you are the one who dumped them, telling them to be friends is a severe slap in the face. Being friends may be difficult as well. It's a good idea to forget about them.

2. "I really miss you." When speaking with your ex, be extremely clear about your goals. If you have no intention of ever seeing them again, it is best to avoid expressing them how much you miss them. It gives them the wrong impression.

3. "I am so much better off without you." This alone sounds heinous, and you can only image the emotional torment it may inflict on the other person. You may disagree with what your spouse did, but this does not give you the right to react harshly to them. They, too, have feelings and are wounded.

4. "My partner is way better than you are." This is just another nasty remark about your ex. Once you've established a relationship with your new companion, it's best to remain with him or her. Some, on the other hand, desire to rub shoulders with their ex-lovers in order to demonstrate how far they have progressed. It is not a wise decision.

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