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Women should never tolerate a man that does these 8 things

I am open to the idea of ​​spending my life with a man I love. but we are not always very lucky to find a soul mate. some of us may never be able to meet that person we consider perfect for us. but people will settle for almost everyone, even if they are not, because no one wants to end up alone in their life. I am different. Here are some things I will never tolerate with a man, even if it means I will have to spend my life alone.

1. Someone who hides his original feelings.

Since I am not interested in playing and spending my time, including his time, I also need an honest and open person who will not share how he feels about me. Someone who does not hesitate to open his soul and show me what really is. I need a man who will be there no matter how difficult it is. I am the first person to open up to when he carries the weight of every thought on his shoulders.

2. A man who does not consider our relationship.

I don't need a man who doesn't respect my relationship with him with all his heart and soul. I will not entertain him if he is a tough, immature, selfish and dishonest man who turns out to be unsure of his intentions when surrounded by other women. A man whose obligations and goals vary depending on his circumstances. I need a man who will consider me and show me that I am the leading lady in his life. A man who will remain steadfast in fulfilling his promises.

3. Someone who is not really trying to invest in our relationship.

No, I don't accept the kind of love that is selfish and half-appreciated. I will never say yes to an imaginary and one-sided relationship. I am looking for a man who makes this relationship his priority and also wholeheartedly. No open relationship, no overnight stay, no bad games and just no cheating. I am at that point in life where emotions and people who are not sincere will find no place for themselves in my heart. I can't just waste my time on people who don't deserve it.

4. Someone who discourages me.

A man who tries to tear me apart and fire me by discouraging me, mocking me for my efforts and not believing in me. I don't need to worry about a man who will sniff or cheat on the issue of my discouragement. I just can't be with someone who always drags me and demoralizes me to realize my fantasies. I have to grow. I have to fly and I will do it. No less interested would I end up alone, I will never agree with someone who feels the irresistible need to control my life.

In case of confusion, apologize and master your actions. A man who does everything to avoid responsibility and responsibility is not the kind of man I am looking for. Even if it means I have to finish alone.

6. A man who blames me for all his problems.

I don't need anyone to lecture me and blame me for stopping and holding them back. I can't force anyone to treat me like a chain around their ankle. I disagree with a man who chose to be with me for his ease and comfort. I don't have to worry about someone underestimating me. I am looking for a man who has confidence in me and in my ability to inspire him.

7. Someone who always tries to control me and my life

What I have to do with my body or my life depends on me. I don't have to worry about a partner thinking because I let him in, he's in charge of your whole life now. My life will always be my sole decision-maker for control. I will never ignore his concerns and thoughts as he makes my decisions, but I will never allow him to make my choices for me.

8. A manipulative man who makes me question my ability to choose what is wrong or right.

Because I know my worth. I am aware of my capabilities. I am aware of my shortcomings and qualities. I understand what I need and I know how to get it. If you think you make me the greatest man by taking me down, then you are deliberately ignorant.

You are simply a concerned and frustrated person who needs direction in his meaningless, directionless and empty life and I will never let you project these frustrations on my being. I'm sorry, but I will never be with someone who doesn't respect me in every way. I will never spend my life with someone who underestimates me. This life is as short as it is and I am not going to spend it with such a man next to me.

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