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Five things to do, if you have a high-tempered partner to keep your relationship and Marriage

Having a special someone to share the ups and downs in your life with is the most fulfilling thing. The pleasure that is sought in being in love and the countless benefits it entails makes a relationship even more gratifying. Two people in love, is that what makes a relationship successful? No doubt that it is the foundation of any relationship. But for a lasting relationship, you need to make a consistent effort and work on your bond. Still wondering what else goes into making a relationship successful.

Keep scrolling to learn about the Five (5) things to do if you have a high tempered Partner to keep your relationship and Marriage.

1. Be respectful and Assertive; When you act and speak in an assertively respectful manner, you are confident, honest, and open. At the same time, by being assertive, you empower your partner to take their share of responsibility.

2. Think Influence and not to control your partner; Don’t focus on trying to change your partner. You can’t. You can, however, influence your partner and show them the benefits of your position. You can influence your partner by creating a positive environment that is conducive to cooperation rather than control.

3. Address your problem when you're Calm; When both of you are calm and collected, address the issue that led to your partner’s angry behavior.

4. Understand your triggers and Reflect your problem; To be responsible is to accept your role in being frustrated with an angry partner and reflecting on what actions may trigger their anger.

5. Practice Patience And compassion; For a short period, anger serves as a protective shield and makes your partner feel powerful and in control. Yet, in the long run, it hurts them from within. This is why it is important to have compassion toward your partner and move away from blame and accusation.

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