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Do You Want To Make It In Life? If Yes, Then Run Away From This Particular Group of People [Opinion]

Off course, as we all know, no one would want to live a life of penury. People want to live a life of luxury and comfort. I am yet to see anyone who doesn't want a good life.

However, to live the type of life we want to, we ought to put in conscious efforts in pursuing our dreams as Manna no longer falls from heaven this days.

Aside planning and working to be successful in life, one important area we should take note is the friends we keep as their influence on us cannot be overemphasized.

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That's why I have taken the pain to school you on the particular type of people you should run away from if you want to make it in life. Off course, the most popular destiny killers are those with bad energy.

You may ask, who are the people with bad energy? They are close to you than you really think.

They are those that know too many reasons why something isn't going to work out. They are pessimistic. They know why that business idea is bad . They are quick to remind you of those that tried before you and failed. They are quick to say you can't do it because of your background. They will say, you are not intelligent or smart enough to succeed in life. These and many more are their characteristics. Do not listen to them.

This doesn't mean one should not be realistic though as that is also very necessary.

The truth is, if you want to make it in life, run away from those with bad energy, they are destiny killers.

What do you think about this?

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