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These Are The Steps To Perfectly These Are The Steps To Perfectly Woo A Girl

Today there are still some men who doesn't know how to woo a girl, in fact they don't know what to say due to fear of rejection.

Mean while wooing a lady is a little task for some men. But here in my article, have listed the steps to woo a girl which include the approach stage, toasting stage, impressing and flirting stage to getting her number in which am going to elaborate further in my next post.

Now take a look at the following.

1) Have confidence and try to be yourself.

2) Keep your hygiene.

3) Observe her.

4) Make her notice you.

5) Wait for the right time.

6) Look for go signal.

7) Approach immediately.

8) Take clue from her to start the conversation.

9) Startup your conversation.

10) Use body language.

11) Listen to her positive and negative body language.

12) Compliment and make some little jokes.

13) Introduction and greeting.

14) Show your interest ( why she is special and why you liked her).

15) Ask some little question to make the conversation last longer, then avoid yes or no question.

16) Mention her name to make her focus on your conversation ( this sounds like song to their ears.

17) Appreciate her and finalize your plan.

I hope with this few point I listed, you will be able to make a step and overcome your shyness and fear of rejection.

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