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Your Ex-girlfriend Might Still Want You Back If She Does These 3 Things

Going through a break-up can be very hard for some people, and after sometime apart from each other, some would try to get back to their partners after realising the break-up was a mistake.

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Here are the three common signs your ex-girlfriend would show if she wants you back.

1. She Asks Your Friends How You Are Doing

Finding out what you've been up-to ever since you guys broke up would be the first step that she would take. But because she's afraid of getting rejected, she would contact your friends instead of coming to you directly.

She would probably want to know if you're now in a new relationship or not. 

2. She Reconnects With You

After a while of checking up on you and gathering the necessary information that she needs, she would now try to reconnect with you, not minding whether she gets rejected by you.

If after your break-up she blocked you or unfriend you on social media, she would definitely unblock you as a positive sign she wants to be reconnected with you.

3. She Always Brings Up The What if Questions

If after you guys have reconnected and started hanging out together as just friends, you would notice that in most of the conversations that you guys would be having, she's always asking you questions like “what if we got back together” or any other questions like that.

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