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"My girlfriend of 2 years has a child and she hasn't told me yet"- Man seeks advice on Twitter.

We all have secrets we keep from our families and friends, some even from our partners. These secrets may be so dark that we may take them to our graves, while other secrets, we may just be searching for the right time to let our partners know. When is the right time, one may wonder. What if our partners finds out our secrets before we tell them, are they going to see us the way they did. We get scared of telling such secrets because we feel people's reactions and behaviors around us may change.

In this story, a man narrates how he found out that his girlfriend of 2 years has a child and hasn't told him yet. He he was a graduate and has been dating this girl for almost two years now. He also stated that they have three businesses together. One day, her sister came visiting and while they were talking, the sister mentioned something about a child. In his words, her sister asked her how her child was. He was surprised because she has never mentioned having a child to him. He decided to let it slide but it became a concern to him when she was on a call with a friend and her friend also asked about how her child was. This was the straw that broke the house back. This made him curious.

Now his problem is if he should ask about it or he should wait for her to tell him. Below is a screenshot of his complain as he seems advice on Twitter on what to do. What advice do you have for him. Follow this page for more Fan friendly news and content.

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