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3 Places You Can Kiss A Woman To Prove Your Love For Her

People fall in love, and often when they do, it's implied that from time to time, they have to prove or perhaps show just how much they are infatuated by the other person. In essence, everybody needs proof, especially women, who are far more easily moved by emotions, compared to their male counterparts.

Marriages as a union of two people destined to live together forever should be kept as interesting as possible. Besides the fact that happiness is great for human health, "forever" is a very long time. So it's important to keep your union as fun as possible. Take intimacy seriously, a lot depends on it. Intimacy doesn't necessarily mean lovemaking. It could also mean kissing, cuddling, or even simple hugs. Here are 3 places you can kiss your wife to prove that you love her.

1. Back Of The Neck

Placing your mouth on the back of her neck is one of the easiest and most dependable ways to get her in the mood. This works even better when you take her by surprise. Like when she’s at the sink doing the dishes or working on her computer, quietly approach her from behind, sweep her hair off the back of her neck and kiss her. She is sure to forget whatever task she had at hand.

2. Forehead 

There aren't many things more personal and intimate than kissing a woman on the forehead. Warm, fuzzy feelings can always be expressed by placing light, sweet kisses on her forehead. 

3. Ears

The ears of a woman are often neglected by men due to ignorance. They forget that can be the site of intense pleasure for virtually every woman, and the best way to stimulate that area is by using your mouth. Nibbling gently on the earlobe is a very reliable way of sending shivers down her entire body. You can also try lightly brushing your lips against her ear. This act is sure to arouse her.

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