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Your Girlfriend Will Breakup With You Once You Start Doing These Three Things

In a relationship, there are some things you do that annoy your girlfriend and which can lead to brake up.

Some boyfriend do these things may because they don't know it is annoying their girlfriend or they do it intentionally.

In this article, I'll be discussing some things some ladies hate seeing their boyfriend doing and which can lead to a breakup.

Below are three things that annoy ladies when they see their boyfriend doing it:

1. Not paying attention to her.

Normally, nobody likes to be ignored. If your girlfriend notice you're not giving her the attention she needs, she will surely give up on you and it can lead to break up. It is really annoying when the boyfriend is not paying attention to his girlfriend. 

2. Having many female friends.

If your girlfriend is a jealous type, and you have a lot of female friends, this will be annoying her. She might think you're cheating on her or you can leave her. This is always not about trust, insecurity, or jealousy; it is something that just happens.

3. Not showing her the love she deserves.

Ladies love guys that show them love, a guy that is caring and can show them the lobe thy deserve. If you don't show her love, she will think you don't love her and she will have no option than to step out of such a relationship.

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