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Divorce Affair

See 5 things to note while looking for a life partner.

The cases of marriage divorce is increasing on daily basis in the present era. There are so many reasons behind this unfortunate happening. Marriage is like a journey of thousands miles and as such, you cannot wake up one day and embark upon. Remember, if you rush into marriage, you will rush out of it. Many people are crying today because they didn't get the premarital orientation.

Below are 5 things to note while looking for a life partner.

1. Identify a lady whose character tally with yours. Nobody is perfect but everyone knows what is good for him/her. This is actually a piece of work because some may wear camouflage and decieve you. However, you should fully understand her, as your relationship moves on.

2. Examine her closely. Put her on trial at times and see what happens. A lady who can withdraw all the money from your bank account can do the worst when married. At this stage, you can know her economic level and social management.

3. Reveal yourself to her. At a time you begin to hear things like, 'I didn't know you were like this', know that you were hidding some habits. You need to tell her the real you by words and actions. Marriage is never sustained by force but through the understanding and agreement of both parties. Be real.

4. Make sure there is equality in love. Love is the fundamental ingredient to every relationship. If there is true love among you, then your home is already a paradise on earth. Ensure solid love before engagement to avoid had I know.

5. Pray to God. It is the only key to open blessings and favour. Ask God to grant you the type of woman you want to marry. God is ever ready to listen to our request and answer them accordingly.

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