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5 Sweet Spots A Lady Loves To Be Touched

Do you know that a man’s success with women largely depends on whether he knows how to touch a woman's body properly? After all, this is a whole art. With the help of touches, you can send a girl various signals about what you want from her. But knowing these sweet spots and when to target them is very important. Want to know what sweet spots I am talking about? Read on.

1. Her neck and throat

Experts believe that the nape of her neck or throat is the most sensual part of her body. Touching her there will make her feel intimate and can easily make her wild. As the skin is thin at that area and closer to the blood vessels, touching her on her nape can easily bring her closer to ecstasy.

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2. Her knees

A very small number of men pay attention to this particular part of the women’s body, preferring the hips. But girls really like when men touch their knees. By the way, note that the knees are one of the erogenous zones of the female body. So do not leave this part of the body out of consideration when touching a woman's body.

3. Lobe of the ear

The lobes are one of the most powerful erogenous zones, so take this fact into account. Also, do not forget about the area behind the ears. However, you should do everything gently and not very quickly. You can pass one hand over the hair of a woman and caress her ear with the second. Very few guys pay attention to the ears, almost leaving this zone unattended. Moreover, make sure that a girl really likes these touches. Some women have too sensitive ears and do not like them to be touched.

4. Her waist

A woman's waist is one of the most sensual parts of her body. Hold her there whenever she walks in your front. Grab her from behind and rock it.

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5. Lower curves behind the back

Another place where to touch a woman is lower curves behind the back. You can do this while hugging her. In general, hugs are very important for the weaker sex as thus, they feel your affection and care. Try to devote special attention to cuddles and make such a gesture as often as possible.

how to touch a woman's body

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Touches play a critical part in communication between people. Romantic relationships with women are an area where touching is especially important. So do not hesitate to touch your woman.

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