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Wedding dress

Check Out A Bride Who Rocked An Alex Unusual-Inspired Wedding Gown

Wedding day is like the most memorable day in everyone's life, the day you walk down the aisle with the one you love and wish to spend the rest of your life with. That's why people go for the best when planning for their wedding, from costume to the hall, the food, etc. Everyone goes for the best they can afford.

A beautiful bride has sent her appreciation to Alex unusual for inspiring her wedding gown outfit, the lady chose the exact style that Alex rocked for one of her attires that she posted on Instagram, Alex wore a brown gown and the lady liked it and decided to replicate the same style for her wedding attire.

Alex is a celebrity who was part of the big brother show, the beautiful brown skin girl has been making waves with different deals since she left the house, she drops amazing pictures on her Instagram page.

In sending her appreciation note, the bride wrote.

"Hello Alex, Thank you for being the inspiration for my wedding dress, it came out as beautiful as you".

In my opinion, they are both Lovely, bring your opinion and share.

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