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These are some of the most dangerous pictures ever taken

This was the trend at some point in 2014. Men and women alike will climb to the highest point on a building(read skyscrapers) and take a selfie either with a selfie stick or a drone or just their phones.

These daredevils will occasionally bypass tight securities to get to the roof top of some Buildings just to take vertigo inducing pictures.

Even the death of Wu Yongning and some others is not enough to stop these daredevils from taking these risky, dangerous and death defying pictures just for fun.

These guys are men and women in their 20s and some cases these Insta worthy pictures are taken just for few likes and comments.

Some will not believe these pictures as they all look unbelievable or Photoshoped but they are actually real.

If you are offered millions, can you try climbing some of these places?

See the man who lived for 82 years but never saw or knew what a woman looks like.

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Wu Yongning


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