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It shows poverty mentality when your specifications in a wife can be done by appliances - Reno

Most men today enter into a relationship because of the benefits they intend to get from the woman. They believe that getting married would solve the problem of washing, cleaning and other household chores. 

Media personality Reno Omokiri made a tweet on this earlier. According to him, getting married to a woman for the purpose of doing different household chores is deemed to be a poor man's mentality because you could easily purchase an appliance for the purpose of executing these household chores.

In his words, 

It shows poverty mentality when your specifications for a wife are things that can be done by mobile appliances like washing, cleaning, etc. Gone are the days when women were expected to be naked, barefooted and also pregnant while in the kitchen. 

What do you think about this statement made by Reno Omokiri?

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