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Never do these things to your parents no matter what.

It is well known that our parents are irreplaceable and they are the only people in our lives that we can't actually get rid off.

The amount of emotional relationship between a parent and the child is second to none. As a young man or woman , you should try your best to strengthen the relationship between you and your parents so that your children would repay you the same way.

Here we will discuss the things you should never do to your parents no matter what.

1. Never fail to appreciate them.

It is every parent's dream to see their children do well in life and become somebody useful to themselves and their society. As a good son or daughter, never fail to recognize all the sacrifices they've made to put you at the top.

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Many people appreciate their parents in different ways, depending on their financial ability. If you can buy them a car or a house, then go for it! But if you can't afford those, buying your mum an expensive wrapper and a nice wrist watch for your dad is not bad as well. The goal is to appreciate them. The more you have the more you bless them as you can never do enough for them.

2. Never fail to pray for them.

Parents are known to be the spiritual backbone of their children. You owe your success in life to their never ending prayers. You can return the by praying for them also. We all have limited time in this world, and the best you can do is to pray for good health for your parents to help them stay on for a little longer.

3. Don't get them too angry very often.

In as much as we eventually grow to become adults and our personalities clash with that of our parents, we should always remember that no matter our status or age, we are still under their guidance. They have the right to rebuke and correct us and put us in the right path as long as they are alive.

You used to be rebellious in your teenage years as you wanted to belong to some certain category of friends, but as you get older it is wise to keep a cool head and listen to advice and instructions because they were once your age. Getting your parents angry intentionally might affect you in life.

4. Never disobey your parents to please people.

Now, I will tell you a short story about myself to illustrate this point.

Whenever am at home with my parents, we usually use the generator when there's no power. Naturally, this attracted neighbours who would start trooping to our house to charge their phones and stuff. At first, I was just being kind and would collect all their phones to charge for them.

Over time, things got really annoying when people would start banging on our door at the slightest sound of generator to charge. My parents found this very annoying and disrespectful, because they felt they deserve a very quiet time.

In anger, they warned me never to accept phones from anybody to charge again. Now, this was hard for me to take because among those people who came to charge their phones, I hard a couple of friends among them! I found myself in two dilemmas:

Should I disobey my parents to please my friends or should I obey my parents and make my friends think I was wicked?. After so much thought, I decided to tell them how my parents felt about their disturbance. At first, it wasn't easy but after a few days, they got used to it and started going somewhere else to charge. That was it!

So, never disobey your parents to please people.

5. Never fail to check on them.

There's nothing more pleasant than parents seeing their children and grandchildren. If your location and job doesn't make you travel often to see them at least once in a year, then you should check on them more often by calling them on phone. Let your kids say Hi to their grand parents whenever you call them and when they have the opportunity!

These moments can always be cherished and enjoyed for the rest of your life.

Content created and supplied by: GideonOgbike (via Opera News )


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