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6 Signs He Wants To Spend The Rest Of His Life With You

A lot of guys show some kind of sign that they want to be with their partner forever. So you have to look out for these 6 signs below.

1. He talks about the future, you are in it. You will never be left out of his plans, he will also include you in his plans because he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. You will be the woman that he will always want to travel to exotic places with.

2. He stays in touch with your family, and his family loves you. He will always call your dad, mom, and every member of your family. He will take them as his own family, and help them out when they are in difficult situations.

If his family members love you, it shows that he will want to make you a part of the family. For instance; if his mom and other members of his family don't love you, it will be very hard for him to marry you.

3. He shows you a lot of physical affection. If he loves to hold your hand or hug you in public. It shows that he wants to make you feel loved and special. He doesn't want you to leave him, so he is making sure that you feel loved enough to stay with him forever.

4. A man who is truly interested in spending the rest of his life with you won’t be desperate to have you in his bed. He will wait for you, and won’t pressure you into having sex with him.

5. When he doesn’t run from the tough stuff. It is only a man who takes you seriously that will stick around, and be with you through tough times.

6. When he trusts you so much. If he trusts you completely and confides in you. It is a clear indication that shows he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

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