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Couple And Their Guests Spent Wedding Night Outside For Breaking Covid-19 Rules

A Rwandan couple has been humiliated on the day which is supposed to be a very happy and memorable day for them after they were made to spend their wedding night outside in an empty stadium.

The couple and those that attended their wedding party were arrested by the Rwandan Police officers on patrol for going against Covid-19 protocols during the wedding.

The officers after arresting them, took them to an empty stadium and made them to spend the night sitting outside in the open environment as punishment for violating the stipulated guidlines for weddings during this Covid-19 period.

Describing the experience, the bride said it is a humiliating experience she has ever had. She said a day which is supposed to be a happy and memorable day of her life turned out to be a day of humiliation. She said she is in pains and wondered why people will be made to go through pains all in the name of enforcing Covid-19 protocols.

But the police said more actions will be taking against anyone caught violating Covid-19 protocols and therefore show no apology for the action taken against the couple on their wedding day.

see photos of the couple and their guests

Imagine the pain of being punished for honouring a friend on his/her wedding day. It will remain an unforgettable moment for everyone who attended the wedding.

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