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The Road might be lonely but nice

We all used to think that self-confidence came from pleasing people or fitting in whatever is around us.

What I've discovered lately, that the moments I spent alone.

Being myself, my raw simple self.

The one that acts when no one is watching. That's the self I love the most.

The self that I never get bored of.

Try to sit alone for awhile, you'll find out that you've never left. You're the one that never left. The one the deserves all the love.

Sometimes you'll just lose control over everything. 

Everything is happening and you're just watching how it goes. 

In the beginning, It will seem weird that everything that is opposite to what you want.

At this point, you stop fighting back. 

Thinking a loud

You'll leave life takes you wherever it does. 

And it weirdly feels peaceful somehow.

To take a rest and go with the current flow for a little while.


I was searching for a reason why people are always searching for someone.

Regardless of love, regardless of the story we all see as perfect, regardless of everyone's opinion about how a relationship would look like.

It's the " need ".

The need that makes people attached.

The need for being heard, the need for being loved and the need for being them without being judged.

May we need the ones who need us as well.

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