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Husband and wife relationship

10 Words You Should Say To Your Man When Things Are Not Going Well In Your Marriage

Marriage, in the traditional sense, is not necessarily a bed of roses. You may experience difficulties at some point. It's rare to hear about a couple that hasn't experienced difficulties. There are numerous factors that can make marriage difficult. Every couple's situation is unique. While mine may be due to a lack of funds, yours may be due to something different.

The majority of the problems we see in marriages are caused by the couple's statements. The women's statements, in particular. When marriage is difficult, it is critical that we be mindful of the words we use to describe our husbands. A simple statement like "Get out" or "Get lost" can end the marriage.

These ten things I'm about to tell you will help you repair your strained marriage. You can use one or two of the 10 on a regular basis. When your marriage is going through a rough patch, here are ten things you should say to your husband. They are as follows:

1. "I'm Sorry": Say "I'm Sorry" for almost everything. Even if he is the wrong person, apologize to him.

2. Express your gratitude by telling him how proud you are of him. "My love, I am honored to be your wife."

3. "Darling, always know that you can transfer some of your burden to me. What can I do today to alleviate some of your concerns?"

4. "Babe, what can I do right now for you?" All you have to do is say the word, and I'll do it."

5. "I am grateful that you have chosen me to be the mother of our children." Thank you for teaching me what love is all about."

6. "I couldn't ask for a better father for our kids." The kids are extremely fortunate to have you as their father."

7. "I appreciate you being there for me." Thank you for being someone I can trust."

8. "I love you because you make loving you so simple."

9. "Please accept my apologies."

10. "God bless the day I met you," says number ten.

There are a plethora of different things you could say. You can join the conversation by adding your own to the list. If you can't tell your husband in person, know that you can text him.

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