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The reality many are too scared to speak up or break away from

A girl child is raised by her parents with dreams of becoming great in life and many times she starts out on that path, being good, facing her studies etc.

Then in university, she gets sold the idea that marriage is better than Zinah which would have been okay except that it is sold wrong by a fellow student still dependent on his own parents and nowhere near being ready.

She'd get pregnant and struggle to keep up with her studies and in many cases, have to miss a year or more with falling grades because she'd suddenly realize, motherhood and marriage especially when not done well and at the right times come with tremendous pressure and avoidable abject poverty.

Typically, whilst still in a location she hates, she'd watch him finish school and go to serve and where she's able to return and finish hers, would be told she cannot go to serve because of what's done there.

Poorer grades, no service, changed life trajectory. She'd become a shadow of herself hiding away and basking in emotional abuse and manipulation.

But then, life would happen and several years down the line, he'd grow and his mind would change. He'd meet different people, maybe even make money and suddenly need to grow his e-man. He'd seek another, this time knowing better and choosing to avoid the first approach laden with naivety and mistakes. He'd go instead for a woman enterprising, financially stable, good career, adventurous, opposite of what he made her at home, a woman who made better choices earlier on.

This would crush her even more, making her a shadow of an existence that was already a shadow of her original self: Abandoned prospects, shattered dreams and a sad, lonely existence.

However, it will not be too late (it never is). All it would need would be a reawakening, a realization of what she wanted, a realigning of her path and a true return to God for strength. She'd be able to pick herself up, one step at a time, add value, self develop, network, self love, and go back to who she promised herself she'd be, who she was meant to be.

This is the reality many are too scared to speak up or break away from.

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