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'Flog her well' Angry Dad Caught on Camera Flogging His 18-year old Daughter

'Flog her well' see the moment angry dad caught on camera flogging his 18-year old Daughter for violating his rules which would hell her in future.

An angry father caught on camera Flogging the 'demon' out of his daughter for disobeying his order and going for her own choice. In the video, the lady have no option than to receive those strokes just like a teacher discipline a pupil in the late 90's.

This action got lot of people frowning at it while some was happy that the father have a quality time to discipline his ward.

In the video, it could be heard that a female background voice was pleading, begging on her behalf but the father have to do the discipline so the ward don't go astray.

Click here to see video.

In this modern age and time, should parent use the old style of discipline children.

According to multiple headlines, it says that the father flogged his daughter 'mercilessly' for joining an online chat group he warned her not to join.

Recall, the culture and rules of the land have it for parent to discipline their ward for corrections and most children born in the 80's, 90's and early 2000 was tortured in a way that he or she will never forget in life time.

user wrote in a reply section: "Africa parents are really out of it all when it comes raising a child,violence is really not the best way to make your child stick to your opinion. Even you as a father don't even obey the rules of God and God still keep you alive

They need to change I swear" - @BlessedGhaza

Many users on same at form frown at the reply and bombard her with lots of lashed comments.

"Too many words! Not a single point. There is no violence here! Even the bible says don't spare the rod and spoil the child! The rod is a symbol of correction! On this case this is pure Disobedience. How will you feel dat your child disobeyed you???? My violence." - @newtonezeka

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